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lumosnox's Journal

Hogwarts After Dark
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Welcome to Lumosnox: Hogwarts After Dark

Established June 2002

Hogwarts After Dark is a slash-friendly Harry Potter roleplaying game that's currently taking place during the year after Harry Potter and his friends have finished their education at Hogwarts.

LN is Love

We are always looking for new players to join us in our pools of angst and twisted love pentagons. To apply, send an e-mail to lumosnoxmods@yahoo.com with the following information:

Your Name:
Your AIM name (optional):
Your Age:
Where you heard about Lumosnox:
Character Name:
Character Age:
Character House:
Brief Biograghy:
Sample Entry: (All we require for the sample entry is a short paragraph or so. This is to check your grammar and punctuation, and see what kind of handle you have on the character.)

To join, you must create a separate journal for your character (i.e. no posting from your regular LJ account).

NOTE: We are currently not accepting applications for any characters but the ones listed below.

The following characters are currently available, either because their players quit, or because they were cleared out due to inactivity at the beginning of the year. This is by no means an exhaustive list of everyone in the Wizarding World; it's simply a list of the characters that we had once upon a time, who are now available to be picked up by someone else (last update: June 13th, 2004):

Alicia Spinnet
Angelina Johnson
*Anthony Goldstein
*Argus Filch
*B. Zvetan Dunstan
*Beatrice Meretz
Blue Moon
Bridget O'Connor (Taken)
Cassandra Corner
Charlie Weasley
Clair Semillon (Taken)
Daphne Verra
*Dean Thomas
Emma Dobbs
*Ernie Macmillan
*Fleur Delacour (Taken)
Graham Pritchard (Taken)
Ilyssa Vector
James Dorny (Taken)
Justin Finch-Fletchley
Hannah Abbott
Kaleth MacNair
Katarina MacNair
*Katerina Bundy
*Lavender Brown (Taken)
Lee Jordan
Lisa Turpin
Malcolm Baddock
Megan Jones [More info]
Molly Weasley
Neville Longbottom
Oliver Wood
*Padma Patil [More info]
Pansy Parkinson
Parvati Patil [More info]
Penelope Clearwater
Percy Weasley [More info]
*Poppy Pomfrey
*Professor Binns
*Professor Sinistra
Rebecca Greengrass [More info]
Roger Davies
Sabrina Fawcett
Seamus Finnigan
Sirius Black
Sophie MacDougal
Susan Bones
Tracey Davis
*Viktor Krum

Characters with an asterisk by their name (*) are available to be brought back into the game without their previous backgrounds, either because they weren't in the game for long enough to develop a background, or because their background involves other characters who are no longer in the game. These characters are perfect for people with little to no knowledge of lumosnox.

Please note that the characters of Terence Higgs and Colin Creevey are not available.

Curious, but want to see more? Here you'll find a selection of character profiles, to give you an idea of what some of the characters here are like, or simply a fascinating read.

The current cast of characters:

Professors and Staff:
Albus Dumbledore (white_bumblebee) - Headmaster
Clair Semillon (pinotnoir) - Muggle Studies professor
Fred Weasley (fred_weasley_) - Assistant Quidditch coach
Millicent Bulstrode (no_pixie) - Potions TA
Minerva McGonagall (mcgonagall_m - Transfiguration professor
Natalie MacDonald (nataliemcd) - Muggle Studies TA
Remus Lupin (formerly_moony) - DADA professor
Severus Snape (snape_s) - Potions professor
Xiomara Hooch (xiomara_hooch) - Quidditch instructor/referee

Adrienne Derek (adrienne_d) - 7th
Bridget O'Connor (simplyprefect) - 6th
Gillian Monahan (_monahan_) - 6th
Ginny Weasley (virginia_w) - 7th
James Dorny (dorny_j) - 6th
James Leary (james_leary) - 6th
Jessica Moller (jessica_moller) - 6th
Joey McCormack (mccormack_j) - 6th
Peter Dalton (peter_dalton) - 6th

Amieng Li (amiengli) - 2nd
Basil Whyte (basil_whyte) - 2nd
Cate Summers (catesummers) - 2nd
Ellie Branstone (ellie_b) - 7th
Eloise Midgen (eloise_midgen_) - 7th
Kevin Whitby (kevin_whitby) - 7th
Laura Madley (trulymadley) - 7th
Owen Cauldwell (owen_cauldwell) - 7th
Randi Thompson (randi_thompson) - 7th

Calandra Goyle (calandra_goyle) - 1st
Danny Ashe (ashe_backwards) - 7th
Dominie Morelli (morelli_piccola) - 6th
Eryn MacDounagh (mymusable) - 7th
Evan Smith (unfairsmithy) - 6th
Izzy Winters (dizzy_izzy) - 2nd
Les McKinnon (more_or_les) - 6th
Orla Quirke (orla_quirk) - 7th
Stewart Ackerley (ackerley) - 7th

Del Falcone (twinbastians) - 6th
Dierdre Laughlan (dierdrelaughlan) - 6th
Erin Falcone (erinfalcone) - 7th
Graham Pritchard (g_pritch_) - 5th
Kita Ishida (ishidakita) - 2nd
Lydia Falcone (twinbastians) - 6th
Pandora Morales (p_morales) - 6th
Rochelle Laurent (rochellelaurent) - 6th

Alumni and Adults:
Adrian Pucey (adrian_pucey_)
Aidan Bode (aidan_bode)
Alexander Vance (alex_vance)
Andrew Warrington (andrew_w_)
Bill Weasley (thecursebreaker)
Blaise Zabini (charming_snake)
Bradley Monahan (falmouth_beater)
Cho Chang (miss_chang)
Chris Warrington (chriswarrington)
Draco Malfoy (seekermalfoy)
Fleur Delacour (fleurofhearts)
Frances McKinnon (f_mckinnon)
George Weasley (g_weasley_esq)
Greg Goyle (sly_dragon)
Harry Potter (secretseeker)
Hermione Granger (_hgranger_)
Jordan Summers (jordansummers)
Katie Bell (unstoppablebell)
Kirley McCormack (mccormackkirley)
Lavender Brown (abreathof_lav)
Luciana Morelli (morelli_elder)
Lucius Malfoy (malfoyl)
Lycaon Hamon (big_ham)
Marcus Flint (_marcus_)
Maxwell Monahan (m_monahan)
Meghan McCormack (meghan_mcc)
Michael Corner (michaelcorner)
Narcissa Malfoy (ladydragonnm)
Nicholas Goyle (lumos_nox_)
Raleigh Hamon (raleigh_goyle)
Ransleigh Derrick (r_derrick)
Regina Bletchley (keeperbletchley)
Ron Weasley (sir_ron)
Su Li (ravenclawchica)
Susan Bones (susan_b_)
Takashi Ishida (ishidatakashi)
Talia Goyle (goylematriarch)
Tanaquil Bole (tanaquil_bole)
Tarquinius Bole (t_bole)
Titus Nott (nott_really)
Tom Riddle (t_riddle)
Vincent Crabbe (raging_crabbe)