The Crabbe Manor in Greater Wellington is under investigation, writes Daily Prophet Investigative Reporter Peter Worthy prompted by an anonymous tip pertaining to the young son of the family. Ministry Investigators made a precursory visit to the manor and were met with resistance by the house elf.

"The elf, a Kimby by name, was reluctant to allow us into the house," states Investigator Colm Meany. "And since we didn't have a warrant or reason to search, there was little we could do about that."

The problems arose, however, when the elf, over hearing the investigators speaking of tracking down the elf's master, blurted out something about a death. Nothing more could be gathered, however, as the elf shut and barred the door and proceeded to beat his head against it so fervently that the investigators apparated away in discomfort.

"The report that the son, Vincent, is missing, and this elf's slip of a death concerns the ministry, of course," reported Inspector Meany. "We are gathering the neccessary warrants for a search of the home. However, if anyone sees or hears from either Viktor Crabbe or Vincent, we ask that they please contact the Department of Magical Law Enforcement promptly."

November 14: 210 Gryffindor, 90 Slytherin

In the first match of the season, both Slytherin and Gryffindor came out fighting hard. Treating the spectators to an arduous five and a half hours of play, the players battled on for the first three hours without score, due largely in part to the downpour of rain, so thick that at times it obscured the pitch from view. However, juggling skills of the chasers also played a part, seeming unwilling on both sides to allow the other team to possess the quaffle for long, as well as the keeping skills of both Bridget O'Connor and Del Falcone, who allowed nothing to get by them.

Yet, as soon as the rain broke, almost exactly at hour three, the scoring funk was lifted. Chasers James and Ryan Leary - under the captainship of Joey McCormack and the guidance of veteran chaser Ginny Weasley - managed a challenging joint move, shifting the quaffle effortlessly up the field for the first goal of the game. Almost immediately afterwards, Ginny Weasley followed with a goal of her own, having intercepted Slytherin captain Graham Pritchard's intended pass to Tracey Davis.

Slytherin was quick to return the favor of these goals with a bit of effective beating, keeping the Gryffindor chasers on their toes for the next hour while the Slytherin chasers beat mercilessly upon Bridget O'Connor's defences. However, not a single goal managed to get past her through the fourth hour of the match. Gryffindor scored two more goals.

As the fifth hour approached, either due to fatigue or the pressure of the match, O'Connor's focus began to go. Allowing several goals to slip past her, bringing the score to 60-40 Slytherin, the new Gryffindor keeper seemed to have lost her nerve. The Gryffindor beaters, Gillian Monahan and James Dorny, did what they could to keep the Slytherin chasers occupied. Monahan, as brutal as ever, was joined by James Dorny, a player who seems to compliment Monahan's aggressive play with a more tempered approach, his strategic strikes allowing Gryffindor to come up with two more much-needed goals.

In the last ten minutes of the match, O'Connor allowed three more goals to whiz past her, seeming too phased by the previous six to know what hit her. Gryffindor captain and keeper Joey McCormack flew in to save O'Connor's neck, however, with an extraordinary catch of the snitch right from under young Ishida Kita's nose, who was distracted by another strategic bludger strike from James Dorny.

The match concluded, 210-90 Gryffindor.
To string her along's just not right.

Article posted in the society secton of the Prophet this morning...

Monday, September Second became a day to remember for Ms. Amira Clarke. She officially won full custody of her son, Christopher, with the help of Mr. Nicholas Goyle. Mr. Goyle was kind enough to answer all the questions the reports on hand had concerning the trial, but neglected to mention his personal life.

Personally, I found this to be rather disappointing due to the fact that yours truly happened to spot a rather large engagement ring on Ms. Clarke's finger. That coupled with the fact that there has been word floating about that Mr. Goyle has sought to adopt young Christopher in the near future.

So could this trial's outcome have been influence by Mr. Goyle as a labour of love? I will leave that to you, dear readers.
Game face.

Article in the Daily Prophet

Falmouth Falcons' newest star falls hard.

- Reginald Shiftings

It would seem that the Falmouth Falcons have yet again lived up to their reputation of taking on talented but troubled youths. Bradley Monahan - the son of Richard Monahan, a respected member of the community and retired Wizengamot elder - has taken a turn for the worst. The nineteen-year-old beater has already forged himself quite the reputation as an arrogant and overly-confident young man, and according to our very reliable sources, has been suspected in foul play against one of his own teammates. What's more, he was recently suspended from the team for reasons that we have not been able to confirm, though witnesses claim that the young Monahan lashed out violently against his teammates during a routine practice.

But that is not all this humble reporter has to tell you, no! Sources inside our very own ministry have informed me, exclusively, that Bradley Monahan is being detained for an indeterminate amount of time and may in fact lose his license to play - that is, if the Falcons haven't already decided to remove such a troublemaker from their roster.

What dealings this young hotshot has involved himself in, we at The Daily Prophet can only guess at, but I assure all of our readers that we are appalled. It is a disappointment to see a youngster from such a respected family fall so quickly and so hard.

Our condolences go out to Mr. and Mrs. Monahan. Remember, parents. Spare the wand and spoil the child.
that's Teacher's Aide MacDonald to you, torture them with arithmetic

Attention all seventh years in Muggle Studies.

This is your beautiful, clever (and only) TA speaking.

As a reminder.

Didn't give a pop quiz on Friday. (Obviously.) Due to my being such a wonderful person.

Instead there's the three foot essay on a relevant topic of your choosing. Have it ready for your next class. (That's Monday for half of you. If you're having trouble keeping track.)

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Not sure if your friends list is up to date?

Just joined and don't want to add EVERYONE manually?

Just to lazy to keep your friend's list updated?

Have I got the solution for you!

Updated Wednesday, June 16th, 8:30 am Central.

To update your friends list, make sure you are logged in, type your username into the entry field and click "update list".

please be patient as this is a heckalong list, but it should clean out all the journals that have sadly left LN, and replace it with all the current players.
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Muggle Studies: Fall Semester

These are the general topics that will be covered each week in 6th and 7th year Muggle Studies.

More detailed descriptions for each week with be posted the Monday or Tuesday of the week in question.

If your students have questions, be sure to contact Professor Clair Semillon or her TA Natalie MacDonald.

There are no tests in the Fall Semester but a Project will be assigned the week of Sept. 21st to incite terror in the students encourage student education.

Quizzes will occurr without warning.

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Quidditch Practise Schedule [Posted on the noticeboards in the Common Rooms on Friday afternoon]

Morning: Hufflepuff
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Slytherin

Morning: Slytherin
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Hufflepuff

Morning: Hufflepuff
4pm-7pm: Ravenclaw
7pm-10pm: Gryffindor

Morning: Slytherin
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Hufflepuff

Morning: Hufflepuff
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Ravenclaw

Morning: Slytherin
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Ravenclaw

Morning: Ravenclaw
4pm-7pm: Slytherin
7pm-10pm: Ravenclaw

How the meeting went. Wednesday evening. FPK log, except for what your character(s) was told by present parties.Collapse )

Attn: Quidditch Team Captains [Posted on Tuesday on the notice boards in the House Common Rooms]

With the Quidditch season just starting, we need to fix the practise schedule for the pitch. There'll be a meeting this Wednesday at 7 P.M. for the Team Captains, located in my office on the third floor. That'd be across the hallway from Mdm. Hooch's office.

Please note that if you don't attend, your team will have to make do with whichever times are left.

Leave your wands in your dorms, please.

F. Weasley

April 4: Hufflepuff 190, Ravenclaw 180

In the second consecutive ten-point match of the season, the steadily improving Hufflepuff side narrowly managed a victory against Ravenclaw after one hour and forty-two minutes of play, thanks to a nicely executed catch by recovering Seeker Ellie Branstone and a last-minute goal by Hannah Abbott. The final goal was made just as the Snitch was caught -- fair, as Abbott had already released the Quaffle before Branstone made contact with the Snitch. As your intrepid announcer is no Hufflepuff insider, judgement cannot be fairly made on whether this was a brilliant strategy or a blind coincidence.

The odds had been heavily in Ravenclaw's favour, due to the injuries sustained by Branstone in last month's Slytherin match; sources close to Madam Pomfrey report that she advised the Hufflepuff Seeker to sit out the remainder of the season. However, as Hufflepuff currently has no reserve Seeker, Branstone refused this suggestion. The betting pool one how long it would take her to go down proved irrelevent, though -- her shoulder was winged by a Bludger from Ravenclaw's Su Li, but Branstone shook off the hit and went otherwise uninjured. Though the Hufflepuff Beaters provided Branstone with adequate cover, this focus left something to be desired by the other members of the team -- Kevin Whitby sustained minor bruising to his upper back from a Bludger delivered by Mandy Brocklehurst. Brocklehurst also landed a Bludger squarely to the chest of Hufflepuff Seeker Keeper Owen Cauldwell, grounding Cauldwell long enough for Ravenclaw to score five goals. While fair, such a tactic was hardly necessary; Cauldwell had already conceded eleven goals at that point, and went on to allow two more once he was back at his posts (Turpin, 13; Quirke, 4; Ackerley, 1). Ravenclaw Keeper Zvetan Dunstan, on the other hand, played a fine match, allowing only four Hufflepuff goals -- two from Hannah Abbott, and one each from Justin Finch-Fletchley and Kevin Whitby.