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The Crabbe Manor in Greater Wellington is under investigation, writes Daily Prophet Investigative Reporter Peter Worthy prompted by an anonymous tip pertaining to the young son of the family. Ministry Investigators made a precursory visit to the manor and were met with resistance by the house elf.

"The elf, a Kimby by name, was reluctant to allow us into the house," states Investigator Colm Meany. "And since we didn't have a warrant or reason to search, there was little we could do about that."

The problems arose, however, when the elf, over hearing the investigators speaking of tracking down the elf's master, blurted out something about a death. Nothing more could be gathered, however, as the elf shut and barred the door and proceeded to beat his head against it so fervently that the investigators apparated away in discomfort.

"The report that the son, Vincent, is missing, and this elf's slip of a death concerns the ministry, of course," reported Inspector Meany. "We are gathering the neccessary warrants for a search of the home. However, if anyone sees or hears from either Viktor Crabbe or Vincent, we ask that they please contact the Department of Magical Law Enforcement promptly."
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