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November 14: 210 Gryffindor, 90 Slytherin

In the first match of the season, both Slytherin and Gryffindor came out fighting hard. Treating the spectators to an arduous five and a half hours of play, the players battled on for the first three hours without score, due largely in part to the downpour of rain, so thick that at times it obscured the pitch from view. However, juggling skills of the chasers also played a part, seeming unwilling on both sides to allow the other team to possess the quaffle for long, as well as the keeping skills of both Bridget O'Connor and Del Falcone, who allowed nothing to get by them.

Yet, as soon as the rain broke, almost exactly at hour three, the scoring funk was lifted. Chasers James and Ryan Leary - under the captainship of Joey McCormack and the guidance of veteran chaser Ginny Weasley - managed a challenging joint move, shifting the quaffle effortlessly up the field for the first goal of the game. Almost immediately afterwards, Ginny Weasley followed with a goal of her own, having intercepted Slytherin captain Graham Pritchard's intended pass to Tracey Davis.

Slytherin was quick to return the favor of these goals with a bit of effective beating, keeping the Gryffindor chasers on their toes for the next hour while the Slytherin chasers beat mercilessly upon Bridget O'Connor's defences. However, not a single goal managed to get past her through the fourth hour of the match. Gryffindor scored two more goals.

As the fifth hour approached, either due to fatigue or the pressure of the match, O'Connor's focus began to go. Allowing several goals to slip past her, bringing the score to 60-40 Slytherin, the new Gryffindor keeper seemed to have lost her nerve. The Gryffindor beaters, Gillian Monahan and James Dorny, did what they could to keep the Slytherin chasers occupied. Monahan, as brutal as ever, was joined by James Dorny, a player who seems to compliment Monahan's aggressive play with a more tempered approach, his strategic strikes allowing Gryffindor to come up with two more much-needed goals.

In the last ten minutes of the match, O'Connor allowed three more goals to whiz past her, seeming too phased by the previous six to know what hit her. Gryffindor captain and keeper Joey McCormack flew in to save O'Connor's neck, however, with an extraordinary catch of the snitch right from under young Ishida Kita's nose, who was distracted by another strategic bludger strike from James Dorny.

The match concluded, 210-90 Gryffindor.
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