Nicholas Goyle (lumos_nox_) wrote in lumosnox,
Nicholas Goyle

Article posted in the society secton of the Prophet this morning...

Monday, September Second became a day to remember for Ms. Amira Clarke. She officially won full custody of her son, Christopher, with the help of Mr. Nicholas Goyle. Mr. Goyle was kind enough to answer all the questions the reports on hand had concerning the trial, but neglected to mention his personal life.

Personally, I found this to be rather disappointing due to the fact that yours truly happened to spot a rather large engagement ring on Ms. Clarke's finger. That coupled with the fact that there has been word floating about that Mr. Goyle has sought to adopt young Christopher in the near future.

So could this trial's outcome have been influence by Mr. Goyle as a labour of love? I will leave that to you, dear readers.
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