Bradley (falmouth_beater) wrote in lumosnox,

Article in the Daily Prophet

Falmouth Falcons' newest star falls hard.

- Reginald Shiftings

It would seem that the Falmouth Falcons have yet again lived up to their reputation of taking on talented but troubled youths. Bradley Monahan - the son of Richard Monahan, a respected member of the community and retired Wizengamot elder - has taken a turn for the worst. The nineteen-year-old beater has already forged himself quite the reputation as an arrogant and overly-confident young man, and according to our very reliable sources, has been suspected in foul play against one of his own teammates. What's more, he was recently suspended from the team for reasons that we have not been able to confirm, though witnesses claim that the young Monahan lashed out violently against his teammates during a routine practice.

But that is not all this humble reporter has to tell you, no! Sources inside our very own ministry have informed me, exclusively, that Bradley Monahan is being detained for an indeterminate amount of time and may in fact lose his license to play - that is, if the Falcons haven't already decided to remove such a troublemaker from their roster.

What dealings this young hotshot has involved himself in, we at The Daily Prophet can only guess at, but I assure all of our readers that we are appalled. It is a disappointment to see a youngster from such a respected family fall so quickly and so hard.

Our condolences go out to Mr. and Mrs. Monahan. Remember, parents. Spare the wand and spoil the child.
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