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Attention all seventh years in Muggle Studies.

This is your beautiful, clever (and only) TA speaking.

As a reminder.

Didn't give a pop quiz on Friday. (Obviously.) Due to my being such a wonderful person.

Instead there's the three foot essay on a relevant topic of your choosing. Have it ready for your next class. (That's Monday for half of you. If you're having trouble keeping track.)

Order of Lessons:
Incredibly lengthy discussion on how light burns the silver bromide crystals in emulsion to create an image. (The more light, the faster the crystals burn.) Which then led to an analogy involving the workings of film projectors and transfiguration.

Film History: from the immobile cameras of early Hollywood to modern studio work. Includes a comparison to theater -- primarily Ibsen and Shakespeare.

A little bit on the inner workings of a film set and how it's all a bit like the Ministry of Magic -- with Death Eaters as critics, obviously. (Hufflepuffs received a very specific talk about how they could very easily relate to the position of the boom operator -- essential yet consistently overlooked.)

Even more advanced film technology, using the current student population's use of computers as a reference point when discussing computer generated graphics. (Cinematography, it's a bit like Potions and Arithmancy combined.)

A comparison between television in Britain and the States. The pros and cons of each system. (In Britain, seasons are shorter, and there is no syndication.)
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