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Muggle Studies: Fall Semester

These are the general topics that will be covered each week in 6th and 7th year Muggle Studies.

More detailed descriptions for each week with be posted the Monday or Tuesday of the week in question.

If your students have questions, be sure to contact Professor Clair Semillon or her TA Natalie MacDonald.

There are no tests in the Fall Semester but a Project will be assigned the week of Sept. 21st to incite terror in the students encourage student education.

Quizzes will occurr without warning.

Monday, Sept 14, 1998

6th Year: Computers and the Internet:

Review of Computer-Internet Development
Software Development
General "How to--"

7th Year: Advances in Mass Communication:

Types of Mass Communication

Monday, Sept 21, 1998
Select Topics For Group Project By the End of The Week: Both Classes

6th Year: Multi Media:

What types of Multi Media are available?
Technology behind it.

7th Year: Motion Pictures & Television: Technology & Techniques

Natalie's Area of Expertise: Expect detailed notes and possible pop quiz.

Monday, Sept 28, 1998

6th Year: Entertainment & the Arts

Survey of Film, Television, Literature, Classical Art, Music: Modern & Classical

7th Year: Motion Pictures & Television: Impact on Society

Promoting Global Awareness
Impact on Politics
Violence & the Media

Monday, Oct. 5, 1998

6th Year: Divisions of Labor: Career Development

Compare Muggle and Wizard career paths.
Explore areas of interest.

7th Year: Political Systems of Government

Historical Overview of Government Systems

Monday, Oct. 12, 1998

6th Year: Transportation:

Means of Travel.

7th Year: Global Economy:

Examine world markets.
Effects & Consequences of what effects one, effecting all. Etc.

Monday, Oct. 19, 1998

6th Year: Environmental Concerns:

Pollution, Global Warming, Deforestation, etc

7th Year: Population Distribution:

Examine First, Second & Third World Countries

Monday, Oct. 26, 1998

6th Year: Evolution:
General overview of concepts and theories

7th Year: Evolution:
Look at theories, genetics, and possibilities for future evolution

Monday, Nov. 2, 1998

6th Year: World Religions: Overview

7th Year: World Religions: Conflicts

Monday, Nov. 9, 1998

6th Year: World History

7th Year: World History

Monday, Nov. 16, 1998
Written Portion of Group Project Due: Both Years

6th Year: World History

7th Year: World History

Monday, Nov. 23, 1998

6th Year: Military History:

Review of the Evolution of War:

7th Year: Military History:

Examination of the Technology of War:

Monday, Nov. 30, 1998

6th Year: Science: Technology

7th Year: Science: Technology

Monday, Dec. 7, 1998

6th Year: Science: Health Care Advancements

7th Year: Science: Health & Disease

Monday, Dec. 14, 1998

6th Year: Review: Class Project Presentations

7th Year: Review: Class Project Presentations
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