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Quidditch Practise Schedule [Posted on the noticeboards in the Common Rooms on Friday afternoon]

Morning: Hufflepuff
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Slytherin

Morning: Slytherin
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Hufflepuff

Morning: Hufflepuff
4pm-7pm: Ravenclaw
7pm-10pm: Gryffindor

Morning: Slytherin
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Hufflepuff

Morning: Hufflepuff
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Ravenclaw

Morning: Slytherin
4pm-7pm: Gryffindor
7pm-10pm: Ravenclaw

Morning: Ravenclaw
4pm-7pm: Slytherin
7pm-10pm: Ravenclaw

Fred: Fred's just puttering around his office, waiting for it to become 7PM. This'll be his first real official Quidditch coach duty, and while messing it up doesn't matter ALL that much, it'd still be nice to start out in a somewhat orderly fashion. There's a clipboard on his desk, where he's scribbled down the available times for the pitch, as well as a note with the requests from Davis. Three chairs are placed on the opposite side of the desk, and he sinks into his own chair, tapping his fingers impatiently against the wooden surface of the desk. Not long now.

Ellie: Ellie's the first one here -- well, not counting Fred, obviously -- and she can't help feeling a bit smug about it. This is *going* to be Hufflepuff's year, she just knows it, and a large part of that is dedication and hard work. Preparation and planning. Which explains the notes she's brought with her along with an extra sheet of parchment. Just in case. "Hi!" Oh, the enthusiasm. "Can I sit? Does it matter where?"

Fred: He smiles in response, motioning to the chairs and feeling very (and awkwardly) professional. "Take your pick. Guess..." He glances at a clock on the wall of the small room. "...guess the others should be here soon."

Joey: Joey is the second one, but that's only because her class was a little farther away and Natalie was trying to be distracting. But Joey is *dedicated* and this is about *Quidditch* so she managed to slip away-- and now she's here. "Hi, Fred! How was your summer?" She doesn't even notice Ellie until she goes to take a seat, and there the snippy little Hufflepuff is. Joey's good, though. She can still smile. "...hey, Ellie."

Ellie: Ellie isn't glaring, because she's *far* too polite for that. Her eye *does* twitch just a bit, though. "Hello, Joey." She clears her throat and forces a smile. "Did you have a busy summer?"

Fred: "Jo-- Ms. McCormack." He's staff, now, and that means at least trying to act like he is.

Ackerley: Ackerley might not have an overabundance of enthusiasm as far as Quidditch goes -- not as much as the two girls already in the room, that's for sure -- but that's no reason not to be on time. He pauses once he's in the doorway to offer an awkward smile before taking the seat on the other side of Joey, *away* from Ellie who Does Not Like Him. Still, so as not to offend, he offers her a second smile, just in case.

Joey: Joey nods, then turns to grin at the Ravenclaw. "So you're the new captain?" Very impressive, Ackerley.

Ackerley: Impressive. Ackerley. Now there's a thought. "Yeah, I guess." Still smiling, still awkward.

Fred: He smiles and clears his throat, shifting in his chair and peeking down at his notepad. "Guess this means we're all here. Slytherin couldn't make it, but I'll try and speak for them. You all know the slots we need to fill. Anyone got times they'd like to reserve, straight off the bat?"

Ellie: Immediately, Ellie's hand is in the air, like she's doing her very best Hermione impersonation.

Joey: Leave it to Joey to jump right in. "If no one objects, can Gryffindor have the same schedule as last year? Everyone's used to it..." Ooops. Sorry, Ellie.

Fred: "Ms. Branstone?" As Joey speaks, he looks away from Ellie's face. "Right, uh..." He peeks down at his notepad again.

Ellie: "I do! I object to that." After all, Ellie *was* just called on. "I doubt all of us can even remember the schedule. You can't just take it without us knowing what you're taking." Of course, *you* can Joey. You've got *experience* in that area.

Ackerley: Ackerley looks from one girl to the other, and then to Fred. "The Ravenclaw team would prefer the evening practices to those in the morning. If that's fine with everyone."

Fred: He breathes a silent sigh of relief. At least this is something he can work with. "All right..." Scribble, scribble. "Any evenings in particular?"

Ackerley: "Well, Fridays would be nice." Ackerley shifts uncomfortably in his seat, half-expecting one or both girls to leap on him any second now. "The second slot, if it's available."

Fred: "Haven't heard any claims for it yet," he mutters as he writes down 'Ravenclaw' in the appropriate square.

Ellie: Ellie isn't going to do any *leaping,* but how about a little bit of a pounce? "We want Friday mornings!" Maybe someone should remind her that, Hufflepuff or not, there's no need to shout.

Joey: They're not animals, Ackerley. Joey just knows how to get what she wants, and Ellie seems sore about that. "...what time?"

Fred: He watches, quill in his hand, his eyes moving from one girl to the next, waiting for some kind of confirmation.

Ackerley: Ackerley blinks and looks at Joey. "You mean me?" A beat. Er. "Us?"

Joey: "Hufflepuff." Joey cants her head, waiting. Go ahead, Ellie. Jump on this.

Ellie: Ellie doesn't look up from her notes, and she's got a quill in her hand now, which makes her look productive and official. "Friday mornings, from six until eight."

Fred: "...six 'til eight," he mumbles, writing it down, then looks at Joey. "Gryffindor?" He shouldn't be biased, but it's difficult not to be.

Joey: Joey shrugs. Like Ellie *really* wanted that spot? No, she doesn't believe it. "There's another evening slot, right? We could take our evening on Friday."

Fred: "Four to seven on Fridays for Gryffindor?" He tries to give Joey an encouraging nod, to keep going, keep claiming.

Joey: "Yeah." Unless Hufflepuff objects.

Ellie: "Is that *every* Friday?" Well. It's not *quite* an objection.

Joey: "Isn't *yours* every Friday?"

Fred: "Brilliant..." He looks up again. "Yeah, we're not... we can't really have separate schedules every week."

Ellie: "Oh." Ellie taps her quill loudly. "Hufflepuff would like morning practices on Monday and Wednesday. Please."

Joey: See, Ellie? Your timing never was very good... and Joey won't hesitate to laugh. "You know what? Let Hufflepuff have Gryffindor's schedule from last year. The team will love the variety... and later hours."

Fred: He flashes Ellie a smile and nods, then blinks at Joey's words. "Well... Ms. Branstone? The suggestion's..." He trails off. "What do you say?"

Ellie: Ellie turns slowly in her chair, and this time she *is* looking up. And, yes. That's a glare. *Poor* Joey. "Well, if we're *trading,* then I would suggest Gryffindor take a few things from Hufflepuff, but it seems to me they've already *done* that." Glare, glare. Then. "Mr. Weasley, Hufflepuff would like practices Tuesday evenings, please, in the second time slot."

Fred: He watches the girls hesitantly, feeling the tension but not really getting it, and nods slowly. "Noted. Any more requests from Ravenclaw?"

Ackerley: Ackerley's just biding his time. He'll speak up if one of the girls tries to take a time he's *particularly* interested in... or if Fred Weasley addreses him. "Er. Well, Sunday evenings would be nice."

Joey: "Mr. Weasley, isn't there a limit to their hours since there *are* *four* teams that need to practice on *one* pitch?" How do you like that smile, Ellie? Joey can handle you.

Fred: "All right," Fred says in response to Ackerley, then looks at Joey. "Well, assuming that the weekend practises will be held on the same hours as the weekday ones, that's five session per week for each team." He looks down at his notepad and scratches his head. "Not really there yet, so ... any more requests?"

Ellie: Five sessions. Okay. Ellie squints and begins doing quick calculations in the margin of her notes.

Joey: "Well, Gryffindor will have to wait for Hufflepuff to finish, I think." So *very* much the gentleman now, are't we, Joey?

Fred: Fred glances at Joey, a hint of disapproval in his expression. "I... guess this is a first come, first served kind of deal, Joey," he says in a slightly pointed tone.

Joey: "I mentioned the times I wanted. I think Ellie needs them more, though." She can't help it-- and, really. She was only going to wait for Ellie, not *everyone.* "...just to be fair."

Ellie: Ellie's lips purse in something that's *nearly* a smirk, but not *quite* because she can be a gentleman, too. "That's really sweet, but Mr. Weasley's right. Joey."

Ackerley: "What about Wednesdays?" Another interjection from the only male captain this year.

Fred: "Wednesdays..." He taps his quill against the notepad. "Slytherin's expressed an interest in Wednesday mornings, but the rest of the slots are open. Second evening slot again?"

Ellie: "Oh! Mr. Weasley!" Ellie's doing the hand raising thing again, still looking down at her notes.

Fred: He's feeling a bit uncomfortable with the 'Mr. Weasley' thing, AND the handraising, and looks it, too, but nods at Ellie. "Hmm?"

Joey: Don't mind Joey, rolling her eyes. Natalie prefers *spice* with that much sugar, Ellie.

Ackerley: Ackerley *was* going to answer Fred's question, but it looks like he's been cut-off. How surprising.

Ellie: "Didn't you give the Wednesday morning slot to Hufflepuff?" Ellie smiles and looks up when she asks it. Back off, Joey. You don't *want* Ellie to be anything but *sweet.*

Fred: He blinks, looking down at his scribblings. He'd done them just minutes ago, and still has trouble making out what they say. After a few moments of focused deciphering, he coughs. "Yeah. You're right. Wednesday mornings are Hufflepuffs'." Another glance downwards. "Thursday morning for Slytherin. My mistake."

Joey: "Maybe it would be easier to tell us which mornings you don't have, Hufflepuff. Just so no one else steps on your toes any."

Ellie: Ellie very *pointedly* ignores Joey. "That's very alright." At least this time she leaves off the 'Mr. Weasley.'

Ackerley: Ackerley clears his throat. His turn now? "Actually, Ravenclaw would prefer the first slot, for Wednesdays." Homework's best finished in the evening. At least, as far as Ackerley's concerned.

Fred: He flashes Ellie a quick grin. The professional staff image he's been practicing is slipping terribly. "All right," he nods at Ackerley. "Done."

Joey: "What are our afternoons looking like?" See, Joey can wait. Be gracious, even, because she *did* come in before Ackerley.

Fred: "Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday's open... take your pick." He sort of wishes Joey'd pick a double slot. It's all right to be biased, he thinks, as long as he doesn't actually SHOW it.

Ellie: Ellie glances in Joey's direction while pretending to busy herself with more notes.

Joey: "Well, we'd like those afternoons, then. That's... four. We get five, right? Where are there evening slots?" Joey doesn't *need* to glance. This is Quidditch, not a spelling bee, and Ellie's too caught up in other things to be much competition anymore.

Fred: He looks down at his notes, for what seems like the millionth time. "I think... "He looks back at Joey. "Didn't you want Friday evenings?"

Ellie: Ellie blinks. "You can't take *all* the afternoons."

Fred: Fred shrugs a bit helplessly. "They WERE open..."

Joey: "You have nearly all the mornings," Joey points out without looking at her. "But, how about we take a different weekday evening, just so we aren't on the pitch too many days out of the week?"

Ackerley: Ackerley *would* point out that Ellie's taken quite a few morning practices, but he'd really rather not have a comment like that getting back to Owen. "Saturday evenings?"

Fred: "Uhm... Gryffindor between four and seven on Saturdays?" He looks at the students for confirmation, feeling slightly confused.

Ellie: Ellie snorts. Fine, Gryffindor. Go ahead and take the day when matches will be scheduled. *She's* not going to object. No, she'll just purse her lips and take more notes.

Joey: There's a nod from Joey. See how easy that is Ellie?

Fred: He looks at Ackerley. "Ravenclaw between seven and ten, then? On Saturdays?"

Ackerley: Ackerley nods.

Joey: "Is there anyone in the Tuesday evening slot?"

Fred: "That's... five for Gryffindor, four each for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff..." He looks expectantly between Ackerley and Ellie.

Ellie: "Then Sunday." Ellie smiles. "What's free on Sundays?"

Fred: "Sundays, Sundays... Slytherin and Ravenclaw in the evening slots, that leaves mornings." He smiles at Ellie.

Ellie: ... oh. Ellie's brow furrows. "What about Thursdays?"

Fred: "Late slot's open." This time he doesn't even have to glance at his notes. He's improving. Very professional and staff-like.

Ellie: "We want that!" She says it quickly, so as to avoid Ackerley snatching it up. Since he's *clearly* the snatching up *type.*

Ackerley: For his own part, Ackerley just blinks at her. "... What days do you have Ravenclaw down for?"

Fred: "Ravenclaw has... Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, you can choose between Sunday morning and late Wednesday evening. Rest of you've picked all of yours." He resists the urge to grin knowingly at Joey. It wouldn't be good to do it in front of the others, and besides, Joey wouldn't know WHAT he was grinning about.

Ackerley: Ackerley nods. "Sunday morning's fine, then." Even if it isn't *ideal.*

Ellie: Ellie's busy rechecking her math in the margins of her notes. "... Mr. Weasley, I'm confused."

Joey: ...somehow, Joey isn't at all surprised.

Fred: "...really?" He looks at Ellie with one arched eyebrow. "What's wrong?"

Ellie: "If there are three time slots available each day, seven days in a week, and four teams, that still leaves one slot empty." She looks up sharply. "What happens to that slot?"

Fred: Bugger. Busted. "That... I'm not sure. We'll just leave it open, see what happens." He looks away from Ellie, putting on his most innocent expression. And he can do innocent pretty bloody well.

Ellie: Ellie nods, satisfied with that answer, and goes back to a few more seconds worth of note-taking before looking up again with a smile.

Joey: Huh... well. Something ought to be done about that, but Joey isn't sure what yet, so she sits back to consider. Come on, Ackerley. Say something. Stop the evil.

Ackerley: Ackerley had already done the math, actually. He didn't find it nearly as worthy of concern as Ellie apparently did, but he hasn't been as concerned about this entire meeting. And so. "Um. Are we finished, then?"

Fred: Fred looks up, nodding. "Yeah, that seems to be it. So... just go do what... uh, you're free to go."

Joey: Did you get that on paper, Ellie, or do you need a few more minutes? Joey won't wait on her, either way. "Thanks, Weasley." No Fred, no Mr. And not even in a disrespectful manner.

Fred: He looks at Joey, his expression even, but slightly thoughtful. "Joey. Stick around for a minute, yeah?"

Ackerley: Ackerley offers his thanks with a nod and a smile, and brushes hair back from his forehead and face as he stands. Then there's a smile for each of the female captains before he turns to head for the door.

Joey: "Oh! Okay." Joey smiles back at the Ravenclaw as she sinks back down in her seat.

Ellie: "Thank you for your help, Mr. Weasley." Ellie tucks her quill and parchment away in her bag and very pointedly avoids looking in Joey's direction. She *so* doesn't care, Gryffindor.

Fred: "See you around the pitch, Ms. Branstone." He smiles at Ellie, then widens the grin as he looks at Joey.

Ellie: Ellie nods and then stands, pausing to send a forced smile in Joey's direction. "Goodbye, Joey." 'Try not to steal anything on your way out.' Lifting a single eyebrow, Ellie sweeps out the door.

Joey: Joey makes a face at Ellie's back as she goes, then turns back to Fred, her smile growing again. "One more year of her."

Fred: He chuckles. "You don't like her very much, huh? Thought it'd turn into a catfight." He looks equally intrigued and disturbed by the notion.

Joey: "She's a--" And Fred's on the staff payroll now, so! "--handful." Joey smirks anyhow. "No, I don't like people like her very much."

Fred: He grins. "'Handful'? Yeah. Gotcha." He taps his fingers against the desk for a moment. "So. I'll just put Gryffindor up for the last Wednesday slot, then?" The corners of his mouth twitch against a wider grin.

Joey: "Oh! Hey, that sounds excellent." No better way to forget a sour Hufflepuff than to offer a girl more time on the pitch. "I mean, if there are no *objections.*" ...anyone want to raise a hand?

Fred: "I imagine there'd be plenty of them, that's why I sent them out." He shrugs. "Let them object. Not like they shouldn't have seen it coming."

Joey: Now, why couldn't Natalie get along with Fred? He's not bad at all. No worse than Les, and see how those two get along? "So, just between you and I... how are things looking this year? Everyone has lost some key players." And now the schedules have changed drastically.

Fred: He frowns, chewing on his lip. "I'd like to say you've got the Cup as good as bagged, but I've noticed saying that is as good as jinxing it all." He smirks wryly. "Just... go all out. Maybe not Oliver-style, that wasn't really a fun ride, but... make everyone give it their best." He rolls his eyes at himself. "Sounds really clichéed, doesn't it?"

Joey: "Yeah, but I get it. Pull a Patil." Joey squints at Fred's desk. Good place to look when one is thoughtful. "We're going to have a really young team."

Fred: He makes a face. "Mmm. I know. Hopefully the tryouts will reveal some unknown prodigies." He doesn't say 'like Harry', but that's what he means. They'll need it.

Joey: "Should we just hold tryouts during our time slots?" Not to change the subject back to business, but it *is* a pressing matter.

Fred: He looks uncertain, glancing down at his notepad without finding any clues. "I'm not sure... I'll check with Hooch, see if you can get a weekend slot. Like, around noon. And if not, you have an extra slot to spare." The last words are spoken in a slightly smug tone of voice. It's not cheating, not REALLY. Just a little bit.

Joey: Joey doesn't see it as cheating at all. It's the sort of thing a Slytherin would get away with, isn't it? So it's not cheating. It's being ambitious. "Yeah... when you find out, could you let me know? I'd like to talk to the team as soon as possible."

Fred: He nods. "Will do." He tries to neaten the stack of parchments on the desk and smiles at her. "You'll beat them." He sounds quite sure of himself. "And... I guess that's it." He nods at the door. She probably wants to get going.

Joey: "Thanks. We won't let you down." Here it comes... and *there!* The McCormack grin, as Joey rises from the chair again. "I'll see you later?"

Fred: She's charming, and he can't help returning the smile full force. "Yeah. I'll be around." He pauses a beat, looking hesitant. "Say hi to Natalie, yeah?"

Joey: "Sure thing." And Fred-- another point for him. Joey is *quite* pleased. She sketches a wave, then heads for the door. "Have a good day!"

Fred: "Thanks, you too." He waves, then pulls out a sheet of blank parchment and begins the painfully dull process of copying down the schedule while attempting to make it actually readable.

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