Les McKinnon (more_or_les) wrote in lumosnox,
Les McKinnon

April 4: Hufflepuff 190, Ravenclaw 180

In the second consecutive ten-point match of the season, the steadily improving Hufflepuff side narrowly managed a victory against Ravenclaw after one hour and forty-two minutes of play, thanks to a nicely executed catch by recovering Seeker Ellie Branstone and a last-minute goal by Hannah Abbott. The final goal was made just as the Snitch was caught -- fair, as Abbott had already released the Quaffle before Branstone made contact with the Snitch. As your intrepid announcer is no Hufflepuff insider, judgement cannot be fairly made on whether this was a brilliant strategy or a blind coincidence.

The odds had been heavily in Ravenclaw's favour, due to the injuries sustained by Branstone in last month's Slytherin match; sources close to Madam Pomfrey report that she advised the Hufflepuff Seeker to sit out the remainder of the season. However, as Hufflepuff currently has no reserve Seeker, Branstone refused this suggestion. The betting pool one how long it would take her to go down proved irrelevent, though -- her shoulder was winged by a Bludger from Ravenclaw's Su Li, but Branstone shook off the hit and went otherwise uninjured. Though the Hufflepuff Beaters provided Branstone with adequate cover, this focus left something to be desired by the other members of the team -- Kevin Whitby sustained minor bruising to his upper back from a Bludger delivered by Mandy Brocklehurst. Brocklehurst also landed a Bludger squarely to the chest of Hufflepuff Seeker Keeper Owen Cauldwell, grounding Cauldwell long enough for Ravenclaw to score five goals. While fair, such a tactic was hardly necessary; Cauldwell had already conceded eleven goals at that point, and went on to allow two more once he was back at his posts (Turpin, 13; Quirke, 4; Ackerley, 1). Ravenclaw Keeper Zvetan Dunstan, on the other hand, played a fine match, allowing only four Hufflepuff goals -- two from Hannah Abbott, and one each from Justin Finch-Fletchley and Kevin Whitby.

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