Les McKinnon (more_or_les) wrote in lumosnox,
Les McKinnon

March 20: Slytherin 240, Hufflepuff 230

Both teams displayed relatively fair strategies today which drew out the match to a grueling eight hours. Obviously determined to level the point differential, the Hufflepuff Chasers showed more focus and aggression than usual and under Captain Justin Finch-Fletchley's direction managed to maintain control of the Quaffle for the better part of several hours. Due to the impressive assists, few goals can be fairly attributed to an individual Chaser, so it's only for simplicity's sake that I limit this summary to the fact that Finch-Fletchley scored eleven times, Hannah Abbott eight, and Kevin Whitby four. The Slytherin Chasers were held to nine goals, due in greater part to the aforementioned good work of the opposing Chasers than Hufflepuff Owen Cauldwell's continually mediocre Keeping skills. Five of those goals were from Tracey Davis, with four from Malcolm Baddock, while Graham Pritchard had yet to score.

Allowing her teammates time to broaden their point margin, Hufflepuff Seeker Ellie Branstone managed to position herself between Slytherin's Draco Malfoy and the Snitch several times during the match. While Malfoy had no trouble forcibly moving Branstone, each time he had to pause to do so the Snitch darted out of sight once again. Branstone continued this tactic successfully into hour nine, when Slytherin Beaters Emma Dobbs and Captain Vincent Crabbe lured their Hufflepuff counterparts away from their Seeker with an unmitigated -- but legal -- attack on the Hufflepuff Chasers, in which Whitby sustained a minor shoulder injury. Susan Bones and Jacob Dunstall of Hufflepuff left their Seeker vulnerable in an effort to beat back said Bludger attack, at which point Dobbs took what was for her an unprecedentedly spectacular shot, delivering a Bludger nearly the length of the pitch to connect with the back of Branstone's head, sending the Hufflepuff Seeker out of the game and into the infirmary. (Branstone, for those concerned individuals among you, is expected to regain consciousness presently.) Malfoy captured the Snitch minutes later.

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