Les McKinnon (more_or_les) wrote in lumosnox,
Les McKinnon

February 22: Slytherin 380, Ravenclaw 310

This morning brought with it the longest match we've seen this season, an impressive slugfest between Slytherin and Ravenclaw which lasted just over five hours.

In an exhibition of flawless teamwork, Ravenclaw's Chasers made another stellar turn. Outmatching Slytherin Keeper Gregory Goyle to an almost comical extent, the trio turned in a total of thirty-one goals; eighteen from Captain Lisa Turpin, eight from Orla Quirke and five from Stewart Ackerley. Said Chasers had to do double-time keeping the Quaffle on their side after Keeper Zvetan Dunstan was struck by an unaided Bludger in hour four and removed from the pitch. The Slytherin Chasers (who hadn't exactly been flagging at that point, with nine goals from Tracey Davis, seven from Malcolm Baddock and two from Graham Pritchard) took full advantage of their good fortune and managed an additional five goals on the open hoop; three from Davis, one each from Baddock and Pritchard.

Inarguably the least skilled pair currently playing at Hogwarts, Ravenclaw Beaters Mandy Brocklehurt and Su Li made an ineffectual showing, allowing the aforementioned injury and barely making a dent in the progress of the Slytherin Chasers or Seeker. Captain Vincent Crabbe and Emma Dobbs of Slytherin, however, played a disciplined match. In hour two, Ravenclaw Seeker Kat Bundy had a clear opportunity at the Snitch, but she was set back neatly by a Bludger from Crabbe. It appeared as though Bundy wore herself out early, circling the pitch at a rapid pace from the moment the Quaffle was released; she was lagging noticeably during the second half of the match. Slytherin's Draco Malfoy employed his usual strategy of lazily navigating the pitch and trash-talking the opposition until the final five seconds of the game, during which he captured the Snitch in a dive so sudden Ravenclaw hardly knew what hit it.


((Just wanted to say, I know some teams have reserve players, but QttA says that substitutions of players will not be made in the event of injury. There's nothing that says substitutions can't be made at the Captain's discretion, such as if someone is playing very poorly but there's no injury involved, so reserves are still a fine idea. But, as in this case, if your Keeper (or any player) gets clocked by a Bludger, another one won't be sent in to take his/her place, even if the injury is so severe that they have to sit out the entire remainder of the match.))
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