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Owl to Kaleth McNair

((OOC: This was originally sent on the 4th, but I just figured out not everyone has Basil listed as a friend and so may not have seen it. Therefore, we can say this was just sent.))

(The owl is a stately white bird, nearly as magnificent in appearance as Hedwig, and twice as powerful looking. It finds Mr. MacNair and drops the missive in front of him, stares (or is that glares) for a few moments, and then swoops away, flying off almost lazily.)

Mr. MacNair,

It has come to my attention that you may have information concerning the Li kidnappings that happened recently. As you know, part of our responsibility at the department of Magical Law Enforcement is to ensure the protection of our children. That having been said, I would like for you to come to my office and answer a few questions. My thanks for your quick response.

Ingacious Whyte.
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