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Daily Prophet Article

Article from Society in the Daily Prophet

Love is in the air around the Wizarding world. From our trusted sources, we have come across the newest duo prepared to shock our readers.

These sources say that Lycaon Hamon, brother-in-law of supposed-Death Eater Nicholas Goyle, has been seen quite regularly with former Ravenclaw student and seeker, Cho Chang, who less than a week ago turned 19. If that isn't enough to make you wonder, the fact being that not even two months ago, Cho was seen with Hamon's nephew, Gregory Goyle (7th year Slytherin), very much in love, is rather sickening, in my humble opinion.

You can imagine our shock when we found out about this, I'm sure. Mr. Hamon, 62, is more than three times this young lady's age, yet they were seen on what appeared to be a date at Le Pari', where the two shared laughs and loving gazes, then, readers, a kiss.

Chang did not appear shocked at this, and instead looked on as Hamon examined the expensive silver dagger she'd given him for Christmas, adoration in her eyes.

Then, Mr. Hamon requested a dance, which Chang gladly accepted. It wasn't a dance between friends, my readers. It was very romantic, and had the two not been such a strange couple, worthy of envy.

It was a sight, my dear readers, but one we must all become used to, as I do believe that we'll be seeing more of Miss Chang and Mister Hamon together.

Love? We think so.

Immah Lierre
Daily Prophet
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