Narcissa Malfoy (ladydragonnm) wrote in lumosnox,
Narcissa Malfoy

Pretend this was posted last week please... Narcissa's typist is a slacker.

[A small army of house elves departed Malfoy Manor wearing tea trowels stamped with the Malfoy crest and bearing invitations for the Malfoy Winter Ball to the following people: all Slytherin students fifth year and above (including a date), all important Ministry officials and department heads and their wives (including Arthur and Molly Weasley), Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Remus Lupin, Tom Riddle and Andrew Morticelli, Beauregard Bellfournaise, Mr. and Mrs. Le Roche, Mr. and Mrs. MacNair, Mr. and Mrs. Goyle, Lycaon Hammon, Viktor Crabbe, Mr. and Mrs. Kohl, Mr. and Mrs. Marron, Mr. and Mrs. Katlanato, Mr. and Mrs. Dobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Fudge, Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson, The Scaife's, Mr. and Mrs. Whyte, Mr. and Mrs. Putin, Pietro Mussolini, Ivan Rasputin Shostakovich, Marianna Betrand, Mr. and Mrs. Onegin, Simon Hearst, Mr. and Mrs. Gatskills, Craig Wharton, Ricardo Montrose, Jiri Kilma, Mr. and Mrs. Hospoda, Blbecek Radost, Alexander Massadane, Mr. and Mrs. Thompkins, Mr. and Mrs. St Laurent, Cesaer Legate, Mr. and Mrs. Rastines, Mr. and Mrs. de Beauvoir, Carrie Lynn Pilsner, Mr. and Mrs Newman, Skyler Hopper, Frederick Davis and Jeanne Piddleton, Cary Maltese, James Mechanist, Mr. and Mrs. Hamshell, Mr. and Mrs. Finbar, Mr. and Mrs. Mertydwater, Mr. and Mrs. Tropicana, Mr. and Mrs. Coolain, Rahalia Mershaud, Quentin Crisp, Mr. and Mrs. Avery, Oliver Granite, Hubert Francois D'Link, Mr. and Mrs. Morticelli]


I don't know what your plans for Christmas were, but we expect you here for our Winter Ball. We've invited Harry. If he doesn't wish to come, I'll understand, but I'd rather he did and I'm sure you would as well. See you then if not before. Please do let me know what your plans are for the holidays. I love you.

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